Impact of IRS Guidance

Guest: Lorenzo Abbiddo, Origins Group
Description: On today’s episode, you’ll hear Lorenzo Abbatiello, one of the partners of Origins Group based in Miami, Florida. Our topics include his firm, clients, and the impact of our IRS guidance and enforcement activity on his clients and firm.

Global Crypto Treatment

Guest: Kshitij Shah, BlockSentry Chief Tax Officer
Description: Today’s guest is our very own Kshitij Shah, Chief Tax Officer at BlockSentry Inc. We discussed Kshitij’s background, his role here at the company, as well as the various similarities and differences in crypto tax treatment around the world.

Evolution of Technology

Guest: Mateus Piechowiak, BlockSentry Chief Technology Officer
Description: Today we are pleased to be joined by our very own Mateusz Piechowiak, Chief Technology Officer here at BlockSentry Inc. We discussed Matt various topics, including his background, his role at the company, the evolution of our technology, as well as some of the challenges that he and his team have faced in creating a global crypto tax software product.